Why should I sell my NY home FSBO On MLS

Why should I sell my NY home FSBO On MLS? View Package!


I was caught in the real estate debacle. As much as I’d like to blame it on Wall Street, I really can’t. The fact is, I wasn’t an educated consumer. I just relied on the real estate industry to protect me, when I should have protected myself.

For instance, I had heard about FSBO MLS home selling when I sold my last house in 2005. I knew that it would get my property listed on the MLS, but I wasn’t sure if I could handle the process without a full service broker. So that’s what I used, and it cost me thousands. It turns out, that was thousands I didn’t have to spend, because now it’s time for my next sale, and my house is not worth what I paid.

But I’ve learned a lot since 2005. I’ve had time to educate myself. For one, I’ve learned the details about flat-fee MLS discount realty. I know I can handle my own sale. After all, who else but me has my best interest at heart? This time, I’m listing the property through Brokerless.

Emily C. Johnston

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