Should I list my home For Sale By Owner on Long Island (LI) MLS? View Package!

Why should I pay a New York Realtor 6% to list my house on the MLS? I can do this myself. The last time I used a NY Realtor, all she did was put a sign out, in addition to the MLS listing. Often, New York Realtors don’t go even the extra mile to list on additional sites. Now, with flat-fee MLS, I can do everything a Realtor can do. Instead of waiting 4 months for an open house, I can do it myself. It all starts with the MLS listing. When I go flat-fee, I can take control of my sale from start to finish. No more waiting for the NY real estate professionals to catch up to me on my timetable. No more communication problems.

In the past, when I’ve dealt with agents, I’ve spent enormous amounts of time trying to understand what was going on with my property. For instance, when I sold my house in 2006, I went the traditional route and listed with a Realtor. I spent more time emailing her rather than promoting my sale. Nothing happened for 4 months, except an agent called who wanted to show the house. When I asked what the next step was, she had none. Then I very reluctantly lowered the price twice, which put me in the middle of a bad market. Half the time I could not even get her on the phone. I wonder how many possible buyers couldn’t get in touch with her either. I will never use a full service broker again. From now on, I choose to empower myself. I choose to go Brokerless.

Steven R. Lickstien Long Island, New York

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